An online community to help dads in tech find balance and support where they need it most. Share your experiences, struggles, and encourage others to grow both professionally and at home.

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Hello, my name is Justin Juno. In July 2018, my wife and I had twins! It's been an adventure that neither of us would trade for the world, but it did turn mine upside down. After years of trying, working through fertility struggles, and reading books, I was ready for kids, but not fatherhood.

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Made With Love

Gender and cultural diversity are real issues in tech. It is not my intent to create any additional friction or division in our industry. I know that the majority of the topics we discuss are not unique to men. But I also know there are several amazing communities for women in our industry that provide more value and perspective than I/we as men ever could.

If you're a mother struggling with these issues or want to connect with more women in tech, please check out Women Who Code or Moms Can Code. Both offer a fantastic community of support and much more.