An online community to help dads in tech find balance and support where they need it most. Share your experiences, struggles, and encourage others to grow both professionally and at home.

Great Dads Need Help

Hello, my name is Justin Juno. In July 2018, my wife and I had twins! It's been an adventure that neither of us would trade for the world, but it did turn mine upside down. After years of trying, working through fertility struggles, and reading books, I was ready for kids, but not fatherhood.

As a career-oriented developer, I had a hard time accepting that my time was no longer my own. While I knew my role as a father was most important, I couldn't help but feel guilty about the time I was spending offline. Sadly, the reverse was also true. When I was online, I felt guilty about not being able to help my spouse. Not to mention, I was exhausted and struggling to make meaningful use of the opportunity, which made me feel even worse.

Being a parent and equally sharing responsibilities made it seemingly impossible to stay on top of my professional goals, school work, and side projects. Let alone maintain feelings of relevancy in an industry that never sleeps. It wasn't long before self-doubt, anxiety, and other emotions started to consume me.

I even began to doubt myself as a father . . . That one hurt the most. I thought a great dad could do it all, but I've never been more wrong. Great dads need help.

I needed help, but I knew I wasn't the only one.

So I created DevDads. A community for dad's in our industry to share their experiences, struggles, and encourage each other to grow both professionally and at home. If you have a story or want to help others in our community balance work and family, DevDads is for you. It's also a great place to ask questions, celebrate parenting/career wins, share your work, and pictures of your little ones.

Fathers of all skill levels welcome!

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Made With Love

Gender and cultural diversity are real issues in tech. It is not my intent to create any additional friction or division in our industry. I know that the majority of the topics we discuss are not unique to men. But I also know there are several amazing communities for women in our industry that provide more value and perspective than I/we as men ever could.

If you're a mother struggling with these issues or want to connect with more women in tech, please check out Women Who Code or Moms Can Code. Both offer a fantastic community of support and much more.